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Solbeg is an expert in the field of PHP application development and LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) technologies.

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PHP development services

In spite of a great number of existing alternatives, PHP still remains the most popular programming language for building websites. The key advantages of this language are the wide availability of developers, ease of support and maintenance, relatively low cost of development and infrastructure and, of course, its flexibility that makes it suitable for a broad range of solutions: from small personal pages to corporate portals.

Our PHP development expertise

Our team consists of experienced frontend and backend developers, database specialists and quality assurance managers who use the industry’s best practices and our own process to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted workflow and comprehensive test coverage. Every developer in our company is well familiar with the most popular frameworks and libraries used for PHP web application development today and is able to build high-performance, deeply optimized online apps with responsive design and a modern scalable architecture. We can advise on the optimal project management methodology, technology stack, architecture, approach to testing and other aspects of the development process.

PHP software development consulting

Being experts in the field of PHP programming, we are always ready to conduct a full analysis and audit of a third party's code and devise a set of recommendations for its improvement.