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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Custom financial software development is what Solbeg has been working on since the company’s foundation.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

ERP software often lies at the very core of complex enterprise systems and serves as the central hub that aggregates data streams from various sources within the organization. These integrated solutions are extremely important for the proper operation of banking and other business applications, allowing managers and business owners to monitor the flow of cash, materials, production capacity and other types of resources.

Solbeg leverages its profound knowledge of enterprise software to customize popular ERP suites, support them and build effective, user-friendly and highly functional custom ERP extensions. We focus on the ease of use, scalability and cross-platform accessibility to enable as many employees to take advantage of the advanced business analysis, reporting and forecasting tools found in every solution we build.

Broad ERP application development expertise

We start by conducting a meticulous analysis of the customer’s requirements during the initial discovery phase to define the focal points of the future system, identify risks and ensure its full integration with the ERP suite that is already in place. During this phase, we speak with product owners, teams and shareholders to get a perfect understanding of the added value that they want to see in the new product. When the implementation phase starts, we pay utmost attention to expectation management to ensure that the system being built addresses the customer’s business pains with pinpoint accuracy. Upon completing the development stage, we stay with the customer for as long as needed to provide training, technical support, and maintenance services. Please contact our sales team today and we’ll gladly set up a call to discuss your needs.

Professional consulting in the custom ERP development domain

Our service offering spans wide and encompasses ERP solutions development, application testing, code audit, and advanced quality assurance. We are here to help you make your ERP application more aligned with the emerging challenges of your business and advise on the optimal and most cost-efficient way of automating your resource management processes.