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Document Management

Solbeg is a competent developer of document generation and enterprise reporting software for various industries.

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Document management solutions

Document management is one of the primary functions of virtually any enterprise application package. Businesses generate an enormous number of documents that have to be properly stored, accounted for, indexed for searchability and accessed by authorized users from any location and device. In addition, nearly every workflow can be automated using templates, rules, and scripts.

We use the most reliable and scalable platforms and products from major companies to design and build efficient document exchange and management solutions. Based on the customer’s requirements and business needs, our experts can devise a balanced and cost-efficient approach to building such systems within a reasonable time frame. A properly designed document automation app can substantially improve the convenience of working with documents within an organization, enable document storage in the cloud, and permit multiple users to concurrently work on the same document without access conflicts.

In addition to building complex web solutions for document management, we also supply them with robust mobile applications facilitating quick access to corporate document archives and enabling users to find the necessary documents and important management files on the go.

If you are interested in migrating from your current document management system to a more advanced product or building your own one altogether, please contact us and we will get back to you with questions and initial concepts.

Professional consulting, testing and support services from Solbeg

Our service package is not limited to application development only. We offer comprehensive technical support, quality assurance and software customization services to existing and new customers.