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Performance Testing

Our company’s expertise in QA in general and performance testing in particular enables us to efficiently handle the most complex tasks.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Performance testing is one of the most important types of non-functional testing that aims to analyze how the system performs under standard conditions, under heavy load (load testing) and in extreme situations (stress testing). The simplest form of performance testing simulates the behavior of the system in a designated environment with a target number of concurrently active users and measures the system’s responsiveness, speed, stability, scalability and other relevant KPI’s reflecting the efficiency of its architecture and its software/hardware environment. Load testing gradually increases the load on the system over a certain period of time until reaching the set maximum. The purpose of load testing is to identify performance bottlenecks and generally check whether the system is capable of withstanding prolonged periods of high-intensity operation without crashing or slowing down beyond the acceptable level. Finally, stress testing takes the system to extremes and aims to identify the boundaries of the system’s stable operation. Solbeg’s QA team covers all of the types of performance testing listed above and has the tools and knowledge for taking any software product to the limits of its capacity.

Comprehensive performance testing approach

We combine the use of the best testing automation tools with our knowledge of database operation, software architecture, server configuration and continuous integration principles. The results of each test run are scrupulously analyzed on every level: from performance reports providing information about the behavior of the system itself to database and server logs containing insights into caching efficiency, balance of read/write operations, latencies, memory and CPU usage, and much more. Being a special case of automated testing, performance testing often complements other essential testing types, such as mobile testing or functional testing that address other vital aspects of the system. Our performance testing techniques are based on the industry’s generally accepted standards and follow the latest trends in this area. No matter what kind of component or system needs to be tested, Solbeg will find a way to take it to the limit and come up with valuable recommendations on improving its performance in the most cost- and labor-efficient way.

Professional consulting services

Apart from providing high-quality QA services as part of all our projects, we also offer comprehensive consulting services to help our customers define or optimize their QA processes, interpret QA analysis results or assess the quality of a third-party’s deliverables.