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Automated Testing

Solbeg is an expert in automatic software testing and possesses unique know-how’s and established practices in this area, including a proprietary testing framework and convenient reporting tools with advanced visualization.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Automated testing or software test automation is an essential part of the QA process and is especially important for complex projects involving multiple integrations, heavy use of API’s and frequent intermediate releases characteristic of agile development. Regression and integration testing are the two most common types of automated software testing that ensure that changes made in each subsequent release or major code commit do not affect the already tested functionality and that API integrations do not break after an update on the API provider’s side. Test automation is also used for various other purposes, such as functional testing, mobile testing and performance testing, where the use of manual labor is not justified due to the sheer size of the functional scope to be tested recurrently.

Deep multi-platform QA automation expertise at your disposal

Our quality assurance experts are able to join a project at any moment and reach substantial test coverage within the shortest time possible, ensuring that the most crucial and vulnerable pieces of functionality can be fully and thoroughly tested at any moment. We know exactly when it makes sense to add automated software testing to the project and are able to advise on the type of automation required in each particular situation. We use the software development industry’s best practices to offer reliable, consistent and comprehensive quality assurance services at all levels, from the most basic functional testing to complex load/performance testing and profiling, security testing and regular multi-platform, multi-device test runs.

QA automation consulting

Apart from providing software testing automation services to our customers, Solbeg can act as an independent expert in this area and offer QA audit services to companies seeking a professional evaluation of their QA automation process set up internally or by a third party. The result of such an audit is a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving both technical and non-technical aspects of the process.