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Software Testing & QA

Quality assurance is an intrinsic part of the software development process.

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Concentrated expertise in the quality assurance domain

Solbeg is a leading provider of end-to-end software development services that include software system testing and quality assurance of various types. Our company has managed to build one of the best QA teams in the Eastern European region that skillfully combines the best process management techniques with deep analysis of test results to help deliver reliable, stable and highly usable applications and programs of all types. All team members are deeply knowledgeable about the best QA practices and standards, product life cycle management, cutting-edge testing methodologies, and other aspects of quality assurance, which makes Solbeg a trusted outsourcing partner capable of consistently delivering top-notch results on time and on budget. We are a group of top professionals working for organizations of different types, from small firms developing their first web site or application to large enterprises and international groups of companies undertaking complex updates of their IT infrastructure.

QA audit and consulting services

Our involvement in your project may be limited to a dedicated QA team acting as a consultancy service or performing an independent security audit of a software system delivered by another vendor. It is not uncommon that companies outsource their vital projects to contractors that are not mature enough to understand business requirements in their entirety. When things go wrong, we will be able to analyze their deliverables, devise an updated test plan, create a comprehensive checklist for all the phases of the project and help you get from A to Z via the shortest route and with a minimum impact on timelines and budget. If you would like to learn more about the innovative methods used by Solbeg’s QA lab, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you very shortly to discuss details.

Regardless of the methodology chosen for a project, be it Waterfall or Scrum, QA is present on all stages of any software engineering activity. The key goals of any testing process in any industry is to ensure compliance with the approved requirements, provide control over the quality of intermediate and final deliverables, and validate deliverables against predefined acceptance criteria using clear and measurable metrics. Without QA embedded into the workflow, the final result may go too far astray from the customer’s expectations, even if the key functionality and features are formally in place.

Although developers are generally able to check the quality of their own code – for example, using unit tests – they cannot spend too much of their time doing this without compromising the core tasks, let alone the fact that they may not have the required experience and knowledge to do the job. Quality assurance is a complex and multi-disciplinary technical art that has multiple facets to it. Spanning from the basics of conventional functional testing and its various forms all the way to the more specialized types like security, usability and performance testing, to name a few, it guides software development into the right direction and enables companies to deliver solutions matching and often exceeding customer expectations and market strategies.

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