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Mobile Application Development

Today’s IT landscape is unimaginable without mobile technologies.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

End-to-end mobile development for all major platforms

Solbeg offers a full range of mobile application development and maintenance services for all major platforms, including iOS, Android and hybrid applications. Apart from developing native applications, we also provide cross-platform application development based on such popular tools as React Native, Xamarin and PhoneGap. Cross-platform development helps reduce the overall cost of projects that do not require low-level interaction of an application with a smartphone or tablet, and facilitate the maintenance of the shared codebase. Solbeg covers the entire cycle of app development, from the creation of detailed user stories and adaptation of the customer’s content to mobile use to designing the interface with a strong emphasis on UX, programming the business logic and publishing the app to the App Store or Google Store.

Robust process ensuring repeated success and stable quality

Our mobile development expertise relies on adherence to the best practices in this area and our ability to develop great-looking and fast phone and tablet apps offering ultimate security and comfort of use. Compatibility with multiple devices is achieved through a rigorous QA process involving our own collection of the most popular devices, as well cloud-based mobile application testing suites. Special attention at our company is given to the UI/UX aspect of every product we deliver. Subpar usability is capable of instantly depreciating all other advantages of a mobile application, which is why we invest as much effort into this aspect of the software development work is into the work of our programmers.

Custom mobile solutions of any scale and complexity

A team of highly-skilled mobile developers and testers, Solbeg delivers mobile applications of all conceivable types:

  • Standalone and working in conjunction with websites
  • Corporate apps offering integration with secure cloud storage
  • Business applications increasing the mobility of managers and employees
  • Specialized apps intended for real-time remote monitoring of key performance indexes, price fluctuations, interaction with vendors, inventory management
  • Communication tools turning a user’s cell phone into a multi-channel conferencing device

Mobilization of corporate software and emergence of new types of mobile apps and services have been in the focus of all software development companies for years now, and Solbeg is not an exception. We have been developing mobile software since the company’s very foundation and have delivered countless mobile solutions used by companies and individuals for better productivity, extended mobile access to data, ease of communication or just fun.

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