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Fixing Critical Bugs

Solbeg offers a broad range of QA services spanning from testing mobile applications for cross-device compatibility to the automated multi-tier testing of software products and maintenance support of systems of any complexity.

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Fixing of critical bugs

Testing and quality assurance are inseparable parts of any software development project. As a rule, full stabilization – that is, eradication of the overwhelming majority of bugs – is the necessary prerequisite of a project’s acceptance and subsequent release. However, some errors lie so deeply in the code that they are only triggered by very rare events that may not be simulated during the initial testing.

We devise code analysis methods that inevitably reveal the cause of even the most elusive errors and immediately apply patches that fix the defect once and for all. Fixing critical bugs is absolutely vital for the stable operation of any system in the long term, and Solbeg is ready to jump into any situation and eventually reproduce the error that has been haunting a particular system for some time.

State-of-the-art bug fixing process

Our team’s problem solving skills enable us to detect, isolate and fix any defect, even one that has a very complex recurrence pattern. We use a combination of manual testing, automated testing and code audit to achieve our goals and implement reliable monitoring and error-handling systems that help prevent crashes from happening in the future.

Our QA team works in close cooperation with developers who help edit the code on the go, release new versions, and assess the results. Entrusting a faulty program into our hands is the most reliable way of making sure that your software will meet the highest computer security and performance standards.

If you are seeking a QA vendor capable of finding and eliminating the trickiest issues with your software, Solbeg is here to help. We have the knowledge and tools to perform any software bug fix, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line to schedule a phone call at a convenient time.