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IT Performance Improvement

Solbeg is a renowned expert in deep performance analysis and profiling, legacy code refactoring and software modernization.

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As corporate systems become more complex and integrated with multiple other solutions, their performance may degrade over time. They may no longer be able to handle increased traffic and large amounts of data flowing through them, so their usability and stability may be affected to a point where they start slowing down all associated business flows and undermine the work of their users. This is a serious issue for all companies relying on the flawless operation of their IT infrastructure, especially those in Gas & Oil, Finance & Banking and other time-sensitive industries.

Having worked with a number of international corporations on software performance improvement projects, we know the business pains of our customers and can alleviate them in the most efficient manner. Our business analysts, developers and QA automation specialists use the best performance monitoring systems to gauge the overall speed and responsiveness of a customer’s software environment or a particular application, or implement a custom performance management solution to identify system bottlenecks. Based on their findings, we provide recommendations that may include the following scenarios:

  • Deep code refactoring or replacement of outdated components
  • Architectural redesign and the use of cloud application services
  • Implementation of performance management cloud tools
  • Deep integration of advanced performance management applications and programs
  • Gradual migration to a more scalable and modern app platform
  • Infrastructure optimization and modernization
  • Extensive software testing and QA

Solbeg can act as an independent vendor covering the entire range of services related to software performance improvement or be a consultant addressing this particular aspect of a software performance improvement or migration project. To start discussing your performance improvement project today, please contact our sales department and we will get back to you as soon as we can.