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Knowledge Management

Solbeg designs and develops knowledge management solutions that help our customers gain actionable insights into their business and create a solid base for ongoing decision making based on trends and facts, not educated guesses.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Knowledge management is a very broad term referring to systems and tools that help companies aggregate, process, store and re-use data generated by their businesses. These data assets can be used for advanced business analysis, optimization of business practices, data mining, data visualization, forecasting and other crucial tasks and processes that work well with big data and help companies adapt to the market in the most efficient manner. This process, in turn, enables them to build a realistic strategy for reaching and exceeding their business goals. Consulting in the area of knowledge management is also something that Solbeg offers to companies looking to leverage their data assets.

Deep domain knowledge coupled with outstanding technical skills

Over the years, we have worked on multiple consulting and development projects for the corporate segment aimed at creating an organizational KM framework with a complete set of important artefacts: a methodology, an environment driven by innovation, clear processes and corporate programs, and, of course, an array of database tools for extracting and processing collected information. Our company is able to manage projects of any complexity, applying its global outlook and best practices to bring tangible benefits to every customer. The technology stack that we use is flexible and makes for easy expansion or adaptation for different types of research that might be required in the future.

Technical support and maintenance

We fully understand the importance of not just implementing a KM system once, but keeping it intact for years to come and adjusting it to the evolving business needs of our customers. To that end, we provide comprehensive technical support and maintenance services to ensure the stability and uninterrupted operation of the company’s websites, intranet resources and business tools. Our ultimate goal is to drive innovation through the introduction of new technologies and achieve top stability and accessibility throughout the entire life cycle of a KM system. With that at hand, we can suggest effective process improvements and a strategic roadmap for building a powerful and globally accessible enterprise knowledge management system.  

Consulting services 

As a consultant with ample hands-on experience in the field, Solbeg possesses the competence to provide organizations with recommendations on the implementation of knowledge management practices, systems and online tools. Our recommendations are based on the results of a thorough review of the structure of the customer’s KM practice, work flow examples and identification of known issues.