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Enterprise Application Integration

We are the vendor of choice when it comes to making several business tools work in unison in a heterogeneous corporate SOA landscape, mobilizing a suite of enterprise applications or migrating them to the cloud.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Enterprise applications rarely work solo – as a rule, their functionality is tightly intertwined with that of other applications and systems, while data is exchanged via an enterprise service bus (ESB), shared database, cloud storage or online services. Solbeg offers years of experience in the EAI domain and supports a broad spectrum of enterprise technologies and platforms.

Best practices of enterprise application integration

An experienced systems integrator, we strive to apply the industry’s best practices to every element of the software development process: from requirements gathering and analysis to application integration, automation of integration testing and deployment to the customer’s environment. Every solution we deliver, be it desktop or web, comes with detailed documentation facilitating day-to-day use and maintenance.

End-to-end development and ongoing maintenance

App integration requires much more than just the knowledge and understanding of the systems being integrated. Application integration solutions involve the creation of a high-performance, scalable enterprise architecture, use of particular system design patterns, development of lightweight middleware for fast and reliable data routing within the system, ability to create compact and highly available services and a lot more. Our company has delivered multiple projects of this type and is always ready to put its best practices to good use again and again.

Professional EAI consulting services 

Apart from providing software integration services for businesses, we also offer professional consulting services to companies considering projects in the area and deciding on the most suitable technology, platform and general approach.