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Accounting Software

Our knowledge of web enabling best practices enables us to build cloud based accounting tools for small businesses and large enterprises from scratch or redesign existing solutions and take them to the cloud for easy online access, resource scalability, and top security.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Development of Accounting Software

Accounting in the general sense of the word was one of the first business areas that started reaping the benefits of computerization and automation decades ago. The reasons were obvious: the high price of a human error; the soaring number of transactions in an increasingly global business environment; the growing complexity of operations and the need for quick reporting, analysis, and forecasting, to name just a few.

Solbeg is an expert developer of business accounting software with years or first-hand experience in such disciplines as desktop application development and enterprise application integration. We are fully capable of creating accounting programs using any language, from C/C++ to Java, and for all major platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux and for Mac.

Tight integration with enterprise solutions

Our accounting applications take advantage of modern approaches to software architecture design that facilitate the integration with virtually any system through special connectors, API’s and microservices. An accounting app can exchange data with an ERP system, procurement and inventory management tools, payroll management subsystems and other applications typically used by commercial organizations.

We can build a simple and basic accounting app or extend its functionality by including packages tailored for the specific needs of particular business domains or company types, such as government agencies, real estate and property management, restaurant businesses, contractor management, fund and tax management, manufacturing, trucking and fleet management, and many more.

Every project we deliver to our customers comes with a standard or extended warranty and technical support services provided by our team according to an agreed SLA. Solbeg is a reliable software development partner that you can trust. If you want to learn more about how we can take your financial software to a new level, contact us right away and our sales team will schedule a call at a convenient time to discuss your needs.

Professional consulting and audit services

In addition to purely technical services, Solbeg consults companies on the best approach to building or updating their financial software. We can perform a comprehensive audit of an existing program to advise on the best strategy of integrating it with other web based solutions in the corporate software environment, improving its security or boosting performance.