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Desktop Application Development

Solbeg is a competent IT service provider that efficiently blends the traditions of desktop application development with the latest trends in UI design and integration with web-based services to bring its customers modern-looking, fast and reliable products running on the Windows platform.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Although virtually all types of software are steadily moving towards the Web and universal browser-based availability, there are numerous cases where desktop-only implementation is the only way to meet performance, functionality or other requirements that dictate that the software being developed should interact with the system on the lowest level possible.

Deep technical expertise

Capable of covering the entire development cycle for Windows applications, we are ready to undertake a project of any complexity and deliver a thoroughly tested and fully shippable product tailored to your needs. Observance of best practices, coding standards and UI guidelines ensures that every custom application we develop is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

Support and maintenance

Apart from providing software development services of the highest quality, we also offer our customers comprehensive technical support and maintenance, either as a standalone engagement, or as part of our post-delivery service.


To help potential customers make an educated choice of a desktop application developer, Solbeg offers professional consulting services on the pre-sales stage, and provides ongoing consultancy throughout all of its projects.