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Database Design & Development

Being an end-to-end, full cycle software development company, Solbeg provides a broad range of database-related services, from database design and analysis to database application development.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

A database consultant with years of experience and a team of mature database experts, our company is fully capable of meeting your business objectives and delivering top-notch results within the agreed timeline and budget. If you are seeking a reliable developer for a cloud database and management project based on the most advanced technologies, you have come to the right place.

Database projects of any complexity

Our experience designing database applications enables us to work on assignments of any type and complexity level. From simple database optimization tasks to large-scale database migration, data mining and cloud deployment projects – we have it all covered. Our developers are deeply familiar with key database technologies and DB programming techniques that dramatically facilitate the development of flexible, scalable and cost-efficient applications, website back-ends and Intranet services.

Expertise in all major types of databases

We work with the majority of known database types, relational and non-relational, mainstream and narrowly specialized, general-purpose and tailored for the requirements of a particular application type, as well as hybrid solutions comprised of several databases communicating with each other through connectors or a custom middleware layer. As a minimum, we support the following database management systems:

  • MS SQL Server (all editions)
  • Oracle MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL databases: Mongo, Redis, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • SQLite
  • Sybase
  • DB2
  • Apache HBase
  • FireBird

Our experience in professional database design and the skill level of our database experts, however, allow us to work with virtually any database system available on the market, provided that it comes with proper documentation and some time is allocated for initial familiarization with its concepts and structure.

Ability to handle the most challenging projects

With Solbeg, nothing is impossible when it comes to building complex data-driven solutions, modeling business processes based on big data, re-engineering legacy solutions to give them a new life or re-launching them online, or designing and developing an all-new custom application working with large volumes of data and based on a non-conventional physical database model. A proper database architecture that takes into account even the slightest nuances of the application’s design and logical connections between its subcomponents helps build a base for further steps – programming, testing and deployment. 

Legacy database conversion and data migration 

Complex data conversion and migration is another database-related area where Solbeg excels by helping companies develop modern web solutions based on established business logic and nearly unlimited volumes of data accumulated over years of work. This service requires in-depth knowledge of query languages and database architecture principles for precise recreation of table data in the destination database.