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Application Security

Solbeg offers a full range of services related to secure web application development, cloud application security, as well as application security audit, securing confidential data, assessment of software security practices in an organization and more.

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Ever since personal computers became a reality and people started to use them for storing confidential data, application security has been an extremely important IT discipline. It is even more so today, when computer systems have gone far beyond office desks and control more aspects of our lives than we can imagine. A well coordinated attack or a critical software flaw can crash stock markets, disrupt the work of vital public services and cause damages totaling in billions of dollars. Vulnerabilities in a corporate system, a website or an employee app also have the potential of sullying the public image of a respected company or brining the operation of entire departments to a complete halt, no matter how insignificant that may seem initially.

With years of experience developing fail-proof and reliable online applications for the most security-critical domains and a team of highly competent developers and testers, we know how to protect your product on every level – from validating data input to encrypting user sessions and storing data in the most protected form possible.

Best practices of application security management

Companies seeking to secure their crucial business data and prevent attacks on their IT infrastructure need to be on the constant lookout for every possible vulnerability in their software portfolio. Solbeg can assist such companies by undertaking a comprehensive audit of their enterprise applications, performing end-to-end security testing and proposing a solid security-improvement strategy. Our work is based on our massive experience in software development, as well as the best practices and security standards used in the industry.

Our services cover the full spectrum of measures aimed at analyzing and testing the customer’s software ecosystem, identifying existing issues and estimating their severity, assessing the probability of security-related incidents in the future, creating a new or improving the current enterprise-wide security policy, and working out an action plan that will ensure the best possible protection from all forms of attacks and data leaks.

Solbeg always keeps a close eye on the latest software security trends and uses the best, tried and tested methods of enforcing software security at any stage of a product’s life cycle: from including secure data processing and storage into the initial requirements to refactoring legacy code to fend off modern threats. Our application security expertise spans across desktop, mobile and web apps of all types, reflecting our aspiration to be a leading software development company with a focus on secure and fail-proof application architecture. If you are looking for a partner who will be able to embed security into the very DNA of your software project, Solbeg will be a choice you will never regret making.

Wealth of knowledge to be shared

Our service portfolio is not limited to development only – we offer professional information technology security consulting for Internet services, mobile applications, payment management solutions and, quite possibly, the system you are working on or just planning to.