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Localization & Internationalization

Solbeg has been developing enterprise solutions, portals and complex web services for years and knows what it takes to implement multilingual support in an application the right way.

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Localization and internationalization services

The success of any truly global online service largely depends on its ability to communicate with users in their native language. However, it’s not just the language that gets transformed. As a rule, software localization requires certain changes in the UI (for example, for languages with right to left scripts) or the architecture of the application itself that enable the support of multiple languages and easy editing of string resources from the back-end.

The application back-ends that we build let site admins find and change any UI string resources in seconds or use a special site mode for inline editing. At the same time, we work on the other end of the spectrum and develop localization software that helps other project teams coordinate efforts and provide app localization services to their customers. Finally, Solbeg offers comprehensive software localization and software localization testing services to all interested parties.

Established process and an experienced team

We offer a full range of software localization and internationalization services ranging from the translation of in-app texts and site content to the modification of existing software for multi-language support. Applications can be integrated with a machine translation service via an API or connected to a specialized cloud-based localization platform using a custom data parser. Such a tool enables admins to apply language updates to multiple locales at the same time with just a few clicks. We support web and mobile applications of any type and develop tools that work in all major browsers on all key platforms. If you are interested in adding multi-language support to your website or one of your enterprise solutions, feel free to contact us to schedule a phone call.

Professional localization services

Apart from software localization and development of corresponding software, our services include localization quality assurance, consulting and technical support. Our refined process and multi-year experience in the industry enable us to handle projects of any size and concurrently translate multiple locales for faster time to market.