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Application Migration

Solbeg is competent in every aspect of legacy application migration and supports a very broad technological stack.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Solbeg provides a complete range of application migration services spanning from web enablement of legacy applications to complex database migration and software re-engineering for compatibility with modern platforms. Years of experience with projects of this type allowed us to create a balanced process incorporating a number of consecutive software transformation steps and a comprehensive checklist ensuring the integrity of users’ data. This approach is based on a set of best practices that our specialists have honed to perfection over the years and that allows us to meticulously plan application migration projects of any scale and complexity.

End-to-end services with post-delivery support

Solbeg application migration services are not limited to the initial analysis, deep code refactoring and deployment to the cloud. All our customers enjoy premium support services long after the completion of the active phase of their software migration projects. Our specialists are always there for you and ready to help with server configuration, software customization or deeper integration with more systems.

Breathing new life into legacy applications

Migration of legacy applications is typically used for transformation or modernization of old information systems underlying a company’s business model in an attempt to improve their accessibility, performance and compatibility with other enterprise tools and solutions. As a rule, this involves web enablement (often accompanied by migration to a cloud platform for increased reliability, security and ease of access) or application re-engineering, where an app can be completely rewritten in a modern language to enable advanced API support and facilitate further maintenance.

Technical consulting

Apart from offering application migration services as a development company, Solbeg is always ready to share its experience as a consultant in this field. We will be happy to discuss the most cost-efficient and reliable way to approach your data or software migration project, so if you have one in mind, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team right away.