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Application Re-Engineering & Migration Services

Our knowledge of application reengineering techniques is deeply practical and is based on years of first-hand experience gained on the most complex and challenging legacy application migration projects.

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Professional consulting services

Software re-engineering is occasionally required in situations when a particular app or set of applications needs to be replatfromed, adapted to a new environment or updated to meet new operational requirements. This may also be a part of a remediation plan aimed to improve the performance or security of existing application and may involve database migration. Application re-engineering and application migration are typically used in legacy software modernization projects, where old business logic is wrapped into new technologies, old code undergoes deep refactoring and some parts of old applications are reverse engineered. When we claim to be professionals, we mean it, and we are ready to share our knowledge and experience. Apart from assisting companies with replatforming their corporate software suites, we provide comprehensive database migration, application migration and application re-engineering consulting services to all interested parties.

Best practices and best technologies put to good use

With dozens of cases in our portfolio, we know how to approach an organization seeking to replatform its business tools, know how to efficiently work with the source code in virtually any language, refactor it for performance and security improvements and efficiently deploy renewed software to the customer’s production environment with minimal or no impact on the work in progress. Being a versatile software development company, Solbeg is fully capable of software re-engineering in software engineering projects involving the definition of a new database structure, change of the overall software model, reverse engineering of legacy code and implementation of a new data management process.

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