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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) solution developed by Solbeg enables to manage all activities related to human resource through a single user-friendly database.

About HRM Solution

HRM solution developed by Solbeg addresses the full spectrum of enterprise human capital needs and enables:

  • Manage content, communications and processes more efficiently throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Streamline HR processes and reduce costs associated with hiring, maintaining employee records, managing labor relations, publishing policies and procedures, complying with regulations and handling other employee interactions.
  • Facilitate the internal communications within a company, which aids in increasing the success in terms of growth, as productivity increases.
  • Enhance collaboration, productivity, and socialization, as well as influence organizational culture.


Technologies and Tools

System Overview

The HRM system comprises two key modules:

HR Management
  • Capture and archive employee data and documents, and manage the information via employee personal profile.
  • Build and manage employee lifecycle (hiring, onboarding, promotion, shift to another department, etc.)
  • Manage company structure (departments, teams, etc.) through a user-friendly tree-like view.
  • Manage company workflow and assets through a single user-friendly system.

HR Calendar
  • Monitor current employee status and all types of leaves across the organization (in the office, on business trip, on vacation, etc.)
  • Analyze performance through employee scorecard that captures hours worked.
  • Schedule and manage employee vacation.
  • Schedule and manage other HR activities.
  • The HRM solution can be easily customized to meet company’s specific business needs.

Professional support teams speaking the same language with you

Having successfully delivered a number of major projects for global multinational companies, we possess the knowledge and skill to build a product of any complexity from scratch or customize a proprietary system by extending its functionality, removing performance bottlenecks or migrating it to a modern cloud platform.