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Transnational Corporations

Solbeg has been developing enterprise software solutions for years and can effortlessly re-use this experience and knowledge to build highly complex and fail-proof IT systems for companies doing business around the world. As an experienced developer of business applications for various industries, we are always ready to share our insights into the best practices of enterprise software development.

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Solutions for transnational corporations

Software solutions for transnational corporations are virtually identical to regular enterprise solutions, but their sheer scale requires special attention to certain architectural aspects that help such IT systems operate on a global scale. The main challenges for such distributed systems are data synchronization, replication, cross-system authentication, optimized content delivery and other issues mostly related to maintaining the system fully up-to-date and accessible to any employee in any time zone.

The key business aspect that Solbeg focuses on in such projects is the automation of distributed business flows that aims to make the work of employees from every global office as easy and intuitive as if they were working at a single location.

Enterprise mobility in the DNA of all our products

Our development practices ensure that every application or system we deliver is cross-browser and mobile-ready, making it possible to access them online or create a corresponding native app working through an API. Every product can be built in isolation or as part of an existing corporate infrastructure that will communicate with other systems through data connectors or micro-services.

Able to develop bespoke solutions from scratch or on top of existing products, we guarantee a well thought-through, scalable and reliable architecture that will last for decades. For more information on our offers for transnational companies, please contact our sales team and we will get back to you with details and relevant cases as soon as possible.

IT consulting and quality audit

We can help you with the audit of the quality of a particular program or the assessment of your entire infrastructure that will aid you in your IT performance improvement efforts.