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The HoReCa industry is a massive segment of the global economy boasting stable demand and revenues. With multiple business models used across this domain and millions of people involved in its daily operation, automation of business processes in individual restaurants and chains of restaurants becomes truly vital. Today, nearly every restaurant relies on specialized software products that help them be more efficient as a business and attractive for customers.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Software solutions for restaurants

Solbeg is an expert in process automation for numerous industries, including HoReCa, and can deliver restaurant-related software for both ends of the spectrum, from restaurant operators to consumers. On the business owner’s side, the range of possible solutions may include the following applications:

  • POS and billing software
  • Restaurant equipment maintenance systems
  • Seating optimization and scheduling tools
  • Accounting and inventory management tools
  • Purchasing automation software
  • Coupon generators

Based on our experience in asset management solutions and other enterprise applications, we build restaurant software that monitors product supply levels, facilitates inventory management, automates purchasing and payment of utility bills, keeps an eye on gas and electricity consumption, notifies owners about scheduled equipment maintenance and other typical operations that are likely to be overlooked by busy managers and staff.

For consumers, Solbeg can develop a mobile application allowing quick access to a restaurant’s menu and facilitating online ordering and delivery, an app for instant table booking, a restaurant finder and reservation app with powerful geolocation functionality, and other similar products that make the interaction of a restaurant and its guests faster and more convenient.

Helping restaurants stay efficient and accessible to customers

Today’s food business is virtually impossible without an online presence. People search for good food online and increasingly more often on the go, so being online and reachable through a mobile app on users’ Android or iOS phones is a vital success factor. We are proud of being a professional Android app development and iOS app development team. Regardless of the platform, we will deliver a booking app or point of sale software that will keep working for years and keep your business running.

With our vast custom applications development experience, we are fully capable of delivering bespoke native and cross-platform mobile applications that boost the customer loyalty and let users connect with their favorite places, spread the word about them and have a better customer experience in general. A good night-out experience these days is often based on spontaneously finding a good place in a busy area from a smartphone, studying the menu, booking online, skipping the waitlist, making a check in, having a great meal, posting a review, then giving the place a good rating afterward. Getting a thank you email with an attached discount coupon can be the cherry on the cake if the customer experience flow is in place and properly configured.

Solbeg also provides a full range of services for cyber cafe owners, starting from the development of Internet cafe software and table management tools and all the way through to automating order taking and payment processing right from guest seats while simplifying internal bookkeeping. We use the best technologies to deliver solutions that make the work of every manager easier and dramatically improve users’ experience, be it a small cyber cafe in the suburbs or a posh Japan restaurant in downtown.

Professional consulting and high-quality technical audit

If you are looking for an experienced developer for your new restaurant management system, Solbeg is your prime choice for the job. We'll be happy to share our experience in the area and offer valuable insights into making your business more streamlined and aligned with what customers seek for in a restaurant these days.