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Rent Services

Solbeg builds intuitive, reliable and flexible lease management software that effectively addresses the business pains of the industry and enables both service providers and end users to achieve their goals quickly and effortlessly.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Business process automation for rental services

The rental industry plays an important role in Solbeg’s portfolio. In a world where more and more things can be rented or leased online, including cars and houses, automation of business processes in the rental domain also comes to the forefront.

The company is historically well versed in asset management systems, and this experience is highly relevant to the business model used by rental services. From rental accounting software to a car lease app – Solbeg is fully equipped to deliver a project within the shortest timeframe and advise the customer on both technical and business-related enhancements.

End-to-end software solutions for rent and lease businesses

Solbeg combines its multi-year experience in mobile application development and creation of enterprise solutions for multiple industries to deliver robust online services and mobile apps for rental companies. These software solutions enable users to rent houses, find apartments for rent, rent cars via car sharing services, keep track of their rent payment schedule, file an application to rent or lease something, and do a whole lot more right from their browser, either from their office, home or on the go.

The company uses the best practices and approaches to designing and building such tools, and makes their administration easy and convenient for employees. At the same time, our expertise in Android app development and iOS app development enables us to create state-of-the-art mobile applications that users truly enjoy. For more information about our expertise in the rental business domain, please contact our sales team.

Professional IT consulting for the rental industry

Solbeg provides a number of additional services: testing and QA of different types, legacy application migration, and, of course, IT performance consulting in the area of rental software. We are able to analyze your product’s architecture or current implementation and advise on the best development or optimization strategy, both from the technical and business perspectives.