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Solbeg offers customers its deep, multi-faceted expertise in developing enterprise solutions and is fully capable of delivering advanced higher education software of any complexity.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

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Software solutions for education

Education is one of the most socially important industries where conventional management practices can be dramatically improved by implementing specialized education management tools and by automating major business flows. Being a competent service provider in the field of education software, Solbeg is ready to share its expertise and knowledge with companies seeking assistance with their education management initiatives.

Process automation for modern schools and higher education

Thanks to our multi-year experience in the field, our company can address various aspects of the education process and develop a broad range of products, from LMS’s and distance education tools to university-level ERP systems. Our software for education helps students make their studies easier and more convenient, while the administrative staff enjoys the improved efficiency and automation of daily routines.

Solbeg builds such online education software to be cross-platform, secure and accessible from the most popular mobile devices. Besides, these tools do not fulfill their functions in isolation but closely interact with other components of a college or school infrastructure, such as human resource and asset management systems, CRM’s or accounting software. Our products can be designed for PC only, but typically take advantage of an entire set of modern technologies and architectural approaches, including cloud deployment, microservices and native client apps for iOS and Android.

Professional consulting and technical audit

School education can benefit greatly from implementing smart platforms and Solbeg can help by performing an end-to-end audit of an existing infrastructure and providing actionable insights into potential improvements. Please feel free to contact our sales team to schedule a call and discuss your project in detail.