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Having successfully delivered a number of major projects for global multinational companies, we possess the knowledge and skill to build a product of any complexity from scratch or customize a proprietary system by extending its functionality, removing performance bottlenecks or migrating it to a modern cloud platform. Our continuous success in this area rests on a strong team of business analysts, certified project managers and skilled production teams working together to deliver in time and on budget.

The company has been involved in industrial process automation from its very foundation and has accumulated highly concentrated expertise in this domain, which makes us a reliable partner for companies representing any industry, including Oil, Gas, Banking and Finance. Knowing the key values of these industries and their most typical business pains, we address them right from the start by creating a scalable, easy-to-maintain and secure application architecture and building the requested application suite upon it. For a full list of our services, rates and case studies relevant to your needs, please contact us to schedule a call to discuss your request in detail.

Our services are not limited to software development and span far beyond to include comprehensive quality assurance, code and architecture audit, professional consulting, legacy application migration and customization.

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