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How We Work

At Solbeg, we are immensely confident that you will find a suitable way of working with us, ensuring a lot of space for creativity, while keeping to high-quality standards and reducing informational gap between users and products.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Customer-centered approach

Solbeg primary goal is to provide solutions that meet our customers’ expectations, delivering sophisticated software that is intuitive, simple to use and rich in functionality. Being a customer-oriented technology vendor, Solbeg sets a personal customer approach based on trust, building seamless and mutually beneficial cooperation process with the customers.

We carry out a wide range of methodologies from planning and implementation to monitoring and maintenance to develop our customers’ vision and work on their ideas. Partnering with our clients pushes us to solve their toughest challenges adapting to individual strategy and operational processes.

At Solbeg, we are completely open to flexible and collaborative partnerships, maximizing the mutual benefit from successful solutions implementation. We want to ensure that our processes are fully transparent and visible to our customers, seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach. We provide greater output and increased productivity at minimal cost, driving improvements in overall business performance.

Passion for development

From the very beginning, Solbeg has been a company driven by curiosity and passion for discovery and development. Supporting innovative renewals guarantees our success and our continued existence. We don’t apply modifications on development environments only – organizational workflows are being continuously upgraded as well.

Our developers have deep expertise in a variety of different technologies and deliver a number of successful applications and reliable solutions that enable our customers to focus on their major business activities.

Broadening our vision on innovation shows the extent of the expertise and understanding of the complex reality in which we interact along with research, defining input for the further development.

Solbeg focuses on being efficient in programming, constantly refining and improving activities to ensure that necessary solutions can be handed to clients for instant use.

Our engagement models

Depending on project-specific characteristics, we offer three flexible engagement models: Dedicated Team, Time & Material and Fixed-Price models - which can be easily transformed for customer’s convenience and satisfaction.

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