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SolbegSoft’s Achievements in Going Green

December 15, 2020
    The typical office provides lots of opportunities for going green. From adjusting your office’s lighting system to the types of office supplies you choose and use, there are hundreds of things you can do to make your office more environmentally friendly. We’re not an exception in this case, so here are some eco tips from SolbegSoft for the office that are easy to implement and will make a considerable difference over time.

December is the time to sum up results. Despite all the difficulties coming from 2020, and the fact that we spent most of the year remotely, we can name it a green year for SolbegSoft.

At the beginning of the year, we launched the eco-office project, began to instill eco habits in SolbegPeople, and even assembled a team of eco-warriors. Due to the procedures mentioned above, all of us together not only contributed to the preservation of the environment, but also began to better understand the issues of ecology and sustainable consumption.

eco activities in solbegsoft

Here are the eco activities, taken in our company during 2020:

  • Containers for collection of batteries, bottle caps and paper have been installed.
  • Despite the remote work, we’ve been able to collect:
  • – bottle caps – 16.5 kg;

    – batteries – 17 kg;

    – paper – 41 kg.

  • Energy-saving (LED) lamps are used for offices’ lighting.
  • Motion-noise sensors have been installed in the bathrooms, showers, gym’s corridors in order to save more energy.
  • Economical plumbing is used: taps with aerators, toilets with two drain modes.
  • The use of electricity in the office is monitored by the building service administrators 24/7.
  • Each employee has received an eco-bag on Earth Day.
  • Water eco-bottles have been given out as gifts for the “Discover Belarus” photo competition.
  • An eco-glass is placed in each beginner’s box.
  • SolbegSoft has recorded a video with the title “How to dry your hands with just a single paper towel”.
  • Our very own Wiki contains tips from SolbegSoft’s eco-activists.

2021 sets for us even more plans to accomplish, we’re not going to stop with the achieved results, as there’s still a lot to change and improve.

We support eco-initiatives because we believe that creating a sustainable lifestyle starts small – with the example of other great people and companies. We love to see the world get greener and cleaner, and hope that this initiative will be supported by many more like-minded entities.


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