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Levels of Support: Expectations vs. Reality

June 11, 2019
    SolbegSoft has wide experience and expertise in Support and Maintenance Services. Our company provides two models of Support Teams – dedicated and shared. Dedicated support team provides help entirely to your business. This model is suggested for companies with high level of calls, appeals or applications. Shared Support Model is not so personalized as a dedicated model. This Support model is a call center that provides support for many companies. If you have a low volume of calls, it will be a great opportunity for your company to cut costs.

Why is technical support important for your business?

Unfortunately, importance of technical support is unappreciated by many business owners. In our previous article we described the case where appropriate and timely support saved all business. Today, technical support is something wider than helpdesk, it contributes to “customer service philosophy”. Support Services are focusing on specific problems and incidents, research and solving.

Technical support can be represented by several persons or even a department. Support can be delivered in different ways according to support level: by phone, videos, online tutorials, etc.

Levels of Support Services

What is support level? According to Technopedia, Support level is the extent of technical assistance provided for an IT software product to its customers.

There are 5 levels of support services. What are the main functions and features of each level?

Level 0 / Tier 0

  • Self-help and user-retrieved information;
  • Users find out information on websites, blogs, service catalogs;
  • Users visit corporate pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and chat with company representatives;
  • Issue registration and classification;

This level requires technical and marketing resources to create, maintain, and update product information. Developers handle website and app creation. Moderators are monitoring customer forums and chats in social media.

Level 1 / Tier 1

  • Call center, basic help desk;
  • Consultations;
  • Training for customer’s employees;
  • Incident Management and Bug Fixing.

Level 1 is a basic support for some issues, in case of any problems with resolving help desk specialists will escalate incidents to Level 2 or 3.

Level 2 / Tier 2

  • Detailed technical research and support;
  • Change requests management;
  • Customization Solutions offering and preparation;
  • Solutions integration.

Support staff should have deep knowledge of product and service.

Level 3 / Tier 3

  • Expert product and service support;
  • Audit (technical, performance, security, business);
  • Remote software and production system maintenance;
  • Problem Management.

Tier 3 technical support specialists are product developers, architects, engineers, they are experts in the product or service.

Level 4 / Tier 4

  • Outside support;
  • Solving problems that are not supported by the organization;
  • Vendor software support, machine maintenance, support for office equipment, etc.

Vendors and business partners should provide this level of support.

Levels of support can be modified or mixed in different companies. It depends on the issue and company structure.

Why is it important to determine each level of support? There are many reasons:

  • Identifying customer needs;
  • Fast problems and incidents solving;
  • Positive customer experience and loyalty;
  • Timeline and protocol for every issue;
  • Feedback;
  • Product improvement.


Support Services are essential part of every effective business. Key benefits of Dedicated support team are personalization, complex approach, predictable cost, multitasking and high support volume. Shared Support Team provides low support volume, 24/7 coverage, cut savings. Support Services are structured in 5 levels (0 – 4), every level has its own features and functions. Many companies mixed 2 levels in one, or vice-versa. It is important to understand every level for qualified support.

SolbegSoft recommended itself as a reliable and experienced provider of support services from 0 to 3 level. We will be glad to answer all your questions – feel free to contact us.


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