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How Digital Transformation Affected the Logistics Industry?

February 11, 2020
    Today every industry faces the necessity of digital innovations. Transport and the Logistics industry is not an exception. Even in digital sphere logistic organizations are aimed at being trendsetters, because of the fierce competition.

Logistics industry has introduced digital innovations at a slower pace than some other industries. This low level of digital adoption can be risky, and if ignored, could be potentially catastrophic for even the business giants.

As it was mentioned in World Economic Forum report, over the next few years, the race to build a dominant global platform will transform the customers’ experience of logistics and will be the central issue in determining which enterprises will be the winners and losers in a truly digital logistics industry.

Specialists have defined 5 key topics that will be central to the digital transformation of the logistics industry over the next decade:


What is the digital solution for Logistics industry?

First of all, transport and logistics companies should be up-to-date and develop new business models. For example, new digital platforms will increase supply chain efficiency, resolve problems with asset utilization, make the process of demand-supply better, increase visibility and connectivity among the systems. Data-driven solutions will provide advanced analytics and control, which is essential for every supply chain. Seamless connection between the systems of the platform will facilitate the workflow between stakeholders.

Secondly, it is important to automate the core operations of the business. As we know, automation leads to the higher productivity and cost savings – key interests of every business. Analytics tools optimize the pricing, routing, logistic operations, etc. Equipment monitoring gives the opportunity to schedule the maintenance.

Innovative digital solutions, such as AI, ML augmented reality can help develop logistical companies’ operational efficiencies in distribution, warehousing, as well as picking and packing.

Thirdly, transport and logistics organizations should think about internal digital base. It is about talented employees, that can grow into new areas and compete in digital sphere. As a result, digitalization in logistics brings such benefits as investments rationalization, flexibility, innovative solutions, cost savings and customer loyalty.


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