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When Your Business Needs Truck Management System?

April 16, 2020
    As we have mentioned in our previous article, digital transformation is cutting across all industries, and Trucking is not an exception. Today, if you want to be competitive, you should be adoptive, agile and ready for digital changes.

What are the key reasons to have truck management system?

You want to expand the business

The more trucks you have, the more control you need. According to TeletracNavman Analytics Report, 86% of fleets now use truck management system, up significantly from just 48% two years ago and 82% in 2018 -2019.

You want to cut the costs

The main aim to every business is to be productive, give the value and reduce the expenses whenever it’s possible. There are some numbers from the report: 55% of fleets reported reduced fuel costs from telematics software – a huge win considering that fuel is the largest expense for 32% of fleets.

You want to optimize your workflow and routes

Truck management software can track fleet vehicle location, identify the optimal vehicle to send the urgent call and determine the best route. Here are the numbers: 74% fleets monitor vehicle and equipment location with telematics and a good number of track hours of service (66%) and speed (61%), which are all key to efficient operations.

You want to increase the productivity of your fleet managers

Truck management system automates the whole process and makes the life of the fleet manager and the maintenance team easier. GPS – tracking system helps to monitor vehicles and identify environmental factors that lead to some maintenance requirements. Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology can also increase level of productivity for fleet managers, as well as improve processes and provide a potentially safer experience for operators.

You want to improve the driver behavior

Truck management system provides real-time safety alerts that allow drivers to correct actions on the road and control the situation. Fleet managers have information about driver performance, including speeding, harsh braking and tailgating. Conforming to report, 42% fleet owners have seen fewer safety incidents since using fleet tracking software to monitor driver behavior.

You want to secure your driver and fleet

According to the TeletracNavman report, telematics solution improves safety all around, with more than a quarter citing driver monitoring (32%), speed prevention (26%) and preventing driver fatigue/exhaustion (30%) as top telematics-related safety benefits. As we can see, these figures speak for themselves.

You want to diversify your fleet

Based on 2020 Automotive trends, autonomous vehicles will represent a safer and more efficient transport model. Truck management software will control and monitor these fleets in real time. Electric vehicles (EVs) is also a great option for many fleet owners. Among the benefits of EVs are carbon emissions reduction, fleet’s bottom line improvement and fuel cost savings. For example, asset utilization and telematics data collection in truck management system can give you an information about the types of batteries your vehicles will require when you make the switch.

You want to ensure data security

As fleets become autonomous and digitally powered, it will be essential to ensure transportation, data and the use of vehicles in plants are safe. When you have truck management software you can be sure, that your data is safely encrypted. For internal security, use special user permissions for fleet managers and operators, special levels and training concerning the assurance of security.


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