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Solbeg is a business software
development company

with a proven track record of delivering high ROI, low TCO, scalable and functional software products for companies of different sizes, from small local firms to the biggest international corporations.

Not only do we understand the key values of proper corporate software, but...

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Our Partners & Recognitions

At Solbeg, we are interested and believe in solid long-term partnership relations.

We are value-driven, result-oriented, and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers leverage the advances of technology for business success. As the market evolves and as technology progresses, we aspire to be alongside to make sure our customers continue to benefit from the best possible solution and maximize returns on IT investments. With the company’s clear vision, talented team, Microsoft competency achievements, and active cooperation with Belarus Hi-Tech Park, we are determined to create comprehensive solutions helping businesses boost their performance.

Our Solutions

Bespoke software solutions for startups, SMB’s and large enterprises.

Document Management

Document management is one of the primary functions of virtually any enterprise application package.

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Asset Management Solutions

Development of enterprise asset management software is one of Solbeg’s key areas of expertise that has been expanding since its very foundation. Th...

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Supply Management Solutions

Solbeg designs, builds and supports supply management solutions tailored for the needs of businesses representing a broad range of industries.

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Contractor Directory

Solbeg offers its broad expertise in enterprise software development and helps its customers build fast, flexible and convenient online directories.

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Payment Management Solutions

Every commercial online service or online store these days comes with an integrated payment processing component for accepting subscription fees or...

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Services Automation Solutions

Processes that could be previously controlled manually with a bare minimum of efforts become almost unmanageable, spawning multiple bottlenecks and...

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Enterprise Solutions

Working in close cooperation with product owners on the customer’s side, our business analysts are capable of creating detailed technical specifica...

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Data Analysis Solutions

The success of a global business these days largely depends on the ability to stay in sync with the market, users and consumers by collecting and a...

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Facilities Management Solutions

Solbeg leverages its diverse multi-year experience in building complex enterprise solutions for developing bespoke and customizing existing facilit...

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A broad stack of technologies to deliver web, mobile and desktop products.

.NET development

Solbeg offers a wealth of expertise in custom .NET application development. With dozens of bespoke solutions built for our customers over the years, we are confident in our ability to deliver the most sophisticated products and overcome the most serious challenges. We also provide legacy application migration services and help companies rebuild their business tools using the latest and the most efficient .NET technologies available on the market.

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Java development by Solbeg

Being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Java is an essential part of Solbeg technology arsenal. Our team is deeply competent in all aspects of Java development and has delivered dozens of large Java projects to date. No matter when you turn to us for help, at the very start of development and halfway into a project, we will be able to quickly familiarize ourselves with your requirements and start working the shortest time possible.

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PHP development services

In spite of a great number of existing alternatives, PHP still remains the most popular programming language for building websites. The key advantages of this language are the wide availability of developers, ease of support and maintenance, relatively low cost of development and infrastructure and, of course, its flexibility that makes it suitable for a broad range of solutions: from small personal pages to corporate portals.

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C/C++ development expertise

Although C and C++ have been around for decades, they are still truly irreplaceable for programs or parts of programs that require top performance, memory efficiency and low-level interaction with hardware. These languages lie in the foundation of many modern development platforms and still offer outstanding flexibility and speed of execution. Therefore, C and C++ are high up on the list of technologies supported by Solbeg.

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Mobile application development

Solbeg is a renowned maker of mobile applications for all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. We design and develop native apps and cross-platform applications using the most popular and advanced tools like React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Sencha, Qt and others, thus reducing the overall project cost and duration.

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Python development expertise

Created in the 80’s, Python still remains a very popular programming language thanks to its highly structured syntax, ease of learning and its universal applicability. In particular, Python is one of the three “official” languages at Google, along with C++ and Java. This lasting popularity is the reason why Python is actively used by Solbeg for developing anything from relatively small web and desktop scripts to complex backend components and even mobile applications.

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Microsoft SharePoint development and consulting

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based document exchange, team collaboration and information storage system that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office and currently has around 200 million active users across the world. The product is highly configurable, flexible and customizable to the needs of a particular organization, and Solbeg has just the right expertise to tailor SharePoint to the requirements of your business.

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Database development

Database design and development services from Solbeg are based on the principles and best practices that the company has established over the years of building fast, scalable and reliable software products. Our expertise enables us to work with all major types of databases and database management software, and create databases with the most complex data replication mechanisms.

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